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I've been a regular columnist for Tortuga Backpack's blog, Packsmith (view all articles), and Go Overseas. I've also contributed to Huffington Post, FluentU, AFK Travel, Pink Pangea, Matador Network, BootsnAll, and written copy for various tech, travel, and food companies. Below are some examples of my work:

What to Eat on the Fly: Airplane Snacks & Packing Tips

  • Goal: Rank for the search term "airplane snacks" and give our readers healthy snack ideas for their next flight.
  • Strategy: Incorporated visuals, answers to related questions (e.g. "can you bring snacks on an airplane?", and broke down ideas by dietary preference -- which differentiated us from other search results.
  • Result: Ranks on average #2 for the search query "airplane snacks"
  • Excerpt:

"Lets get the big, dirty question out of the way first: can you bring snacks on an airplane?

Yes. Absolutely! You may not be able to get your favorite fruit juice, or can of coconut water, past airplane security, but chips, sandwiches, fruits, crackers, salads, protein bars, and just about anything non-liquid are absolutely fair game to pack in your carry on..." [read full article]

Parents Speak Up On Rising Concerns of Terrorism and Study Abroad

  • Goal: In the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks, we wanted to write a response to the event while also giving our audience practical safety tips for traveling in today's political climate.
  • Strategy: We decided to target parents, not students, and incorporated parent interviews to lend the article credibility. To leverage the timeliness of the article, I created the piece with an 8-hour turnaround.
  • Result: Over 5,000 unique pageviews and 1,000 shares in the first month of publication; 5x the average for Go Overseas blog articles. It also positioned us as a knowledgeable and trustworthy brand, and we received lots of positive feedback from our clients / study abroad providers.
  • Excerpt

"Parents worry. How could you not? No matter what's going on in the world, parents will always be concerned over their kids safety when studying, interning, or living abroad.

Of course, actual conflict abroad can spark a whole different kind of parental worry that lesser seeming threats, like pickpockets and kids being irresponsible, don't. From all of the parents we spoke with today, however, they all brought up the same response: attacks can happen anywhere. They felt that their kids are no more safe from terrorism in the U.S. than they are in Europe. [read full article]"

How it Works: Go Overseas

  • Goal: Users on both the B2B and B2C side are often confused about how Go Overseas works. Is it a program provider? Are we a recruiter? A Yelp-like resource? I collaborated with our brand manager and designer to create a page that solves this.
  • Strategy: Explain the value of Go Overseas using simple language and graphics
  • Result: Receives, on average, 10,000 unique views per month. Since the "how it works" link appears in the upper navigation of all pages, we've also been able to see which pages give users the most confusion through heatmaps.
  • Excerpt: "Bookmark your favorite programs and save them for later. Then, compare them side by side. [see all]"

B2B: Advertising and Product Pages for Go Overseas

  • Goal: Show the value in advertising with Go Overseas to an international audience
  • Strategy: Collaborated with sales team to understand what they wanted to achieve through these pages, then partnered with design to explain our CPC advertising products. I also wanted to reduce the amount of "we" language, so that the pages focused more on the results the readers would receive, rather than the things-we-do.
  • Result: Using heatmaps, we could see that roughly 90% of all visitors view the entire page. Additionally, the updates to these pages reduced repeat questions about how our advertising product works / how to sign up by 50%.
  • Excerpt:

"The University Partner Program is for colleges and universities who want to recruit study abroad students. Receive more traffic to your website by promoting your institution on Go Overseas, creating amazing unique content, and helping new students discover your program."

Read the full Advertising and Partner pages.

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