Welcome! I'm a San Francisco based writer, digital marketer, and SEO. Through an analytical yet creative approach, I create engaging content that drives conversions and builds brand awareness.

I specialize in content management, editing, writing, article and landing page creation, traffic generation / growth, social media, and native advertising. I also dabble in design and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with a little bit of code.

From 2014 - 2016, I worked as the Content Marketing Director at Go Overseas (travel/education) while consulting for companies such as Snack (tech), Tortuga Backpacks (e-commerce), Zozi (travel), FluentU (education), and AFK Travel (travel). Since October 2016, I've worked as the Website Marketing Specialist at Asana (technology).

I've primarily worked within the travel industry but also have experience with education, wellness, tech, and food.

I hold a B.A. in anthropology from George Mason University, which set me up with a foundation in qualitative and quantitative research. In college, I spent one year studying abroad in Malta, and one month in Dakar, Senegal, and completed my degree in 3 years.

I'm an avid cyclist, rock climber, traveler, and ramen enthusiast.

Prior to entering the digital marketing world, I taught English in Costa Rica, D.C., then Madagascar. Unexpectedly, overseeing a classroom of 50 rowdy teens was great communication and management training.