Writing Samples

Asana: Landing Pages

In 2016 and 2017, I partnered with our product and acquisitions teams to launch a suite of top of funnel landing pages, aimed at driving sign ups from customers in the awareness phase of our funnel. Impact:

  • Traffic: 1M annual pageviews across all landing pages.

  • Rankings: Ranked for key non-brand search terms, such as “task management” (#1 in SERPs)

  • Conversions: On average, the pages had a 6.5% conversion (sign-ups) across all pages. The highest converting page (Team Calendar) had a sign-up rate of 13%.

  • Improved efficiency of SEM campaigns by directing traffic to these pages instead of generic landing pages.

Tortuga Backpacks: Long-form Articles

From January 2015 - June 2018, I contributed 70+ articles to Tortuga Backpacks, an e-commerce brand in the travel space. Impact:

  • Traffic: 500K annual visits across all articles, primarily through organic search.

  • Revenue: Contributed to ~$170,000 in direct or assisted sales.

Additional Freelance Clients

My writing and photography has also appeared in other publications, such as Carryology (apparel and travel), FluentU (education), AFK Travel (travel), and 7x7 (local news, travel section).